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Intro to True Love

     Life is not always a bed of roses. Things do not always go perfetly as planned. We all have faced trials, hardships, or stumbling blocks in our path. Sometimes we choose to get off course because of our stubborn sinful nature. No matter what we do, or how far we go, there is alway one whose love stays consistant and True. God our heavenly father is always their waiting for us with arms wide open. He is always ready to welcome us home, forgiving us and casting our sins as far as the east is from the west promising to remember them no more. All we have to do is ask for his forgivness and allow him into our lives. He will fill us with His love. True love that never fails and never runs out! 

      His True Love Ministries is all about coming back from the mess ups. Humbling one self and sharing Gods Love with everyone. Some may see us as misfits. Some may judge us because of our past, by the way we look or dress, but Jesus says come to me just as you are and He will make you into what He wants you to be. 

     Everyone wants to be Loved. It is in our human nature. Until we have a relationship with Jesus and produce The fruit of the spirit. we can never really know True Love. Its not a feeling. Its more than an emotion. Love comes from God and there is nothing greater than His love for us. Join us as we journey on a quest to discover and share with the world His True Love and tell those who have never heard,  the greatest love story ever known. What so great about it is that it is more than just a story. Its a true account of all the event that happend when God chose A virgin girl named Mary to give birth to  his only son Jesus who was God in human form. He was born to die in our place on a cross as the ultimate sacrifice carrying the burded of our sins, but the story does not end there. Jesus rose from the dead and lives forever more. He desires to give us everlasting life and a home with him in Heaven.The gift of salvation. A gift that could only be given out of genuine True Love. The greatest Love of all!

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